Crystal Mini Crown
Crystal Mini Crown

Crystal Mini Crown

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Our purpose in LIVAGIRLS is to appeal to the styles of women all around the globe adding a shade of authenticity into their life. LIVAGIRLS is known for its accessibility and wide-range of products. We present you with accessories, dresses, and other types of apparels, all high-grade, that is both casual and elegant. 


Our Four Points Happiness Checklist 

  • We craft with emotions.
  • We create with passion.
  • We present with perfection.
  • We deliver with care.


- We Process your Orders within 2-3 days and usually have shipping times of 2-3 weeks depending on where you are located.

Although most products ship far quicker.


Livagirls collection only give this for a selected few who were handpicked by us to represent our company. This pack is to give you ambassadors a good impression without breaking your wallet. P.S: a small postage fee will be included.


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